EDM machining



Exceptional accuracy and repeatability

Precimax uses electrical discharge machining (EDM) when regular machining isn't possible or practical. And when shapes, dimensions and tolerance are crucial. With EDM extremely precise parts are possible because of its exceptional accuracy and versatility.


We use EDM to create complex shapes and geometries within components and cut micro-fine holes or intricate contours and cavities in extremely hard material (e.g., carbide). We also use EDM as a secondary process to finish pre-machined pieces to exact dimensions.


Our EDM equipment

We are equipped with CNC and conventional EDM machines and provide both ram, wire-cut and small-hole EDM services.


  • Sodick AQ55L Linear Drive 80 amp max EDM, 30” x 15” x 24”

  • CNC wire EDM, 19.5 x 12.5" x 10.5," 10° taper, automatic wire threading and non-electrolysis high-speed finishing circuitry

  • Moldmaker RAM EDM, 43 x 31" x 18," programmable C axis and fine finish circuitry

  • Small-hole EDM, 43" x 31" x 18” hole size range 0.010” - 0.187” up to 6”inches

  • Conventional RAM EDM